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  1. gottabeandrew


    I've been playing spore since it came out and i'm still going on it once every few days (i'm getting busy with college now so its getting less but only because of that). I'm about to complete it for the second time. I've played a lot of games though where i've just done 1 or 2 stages on...
  2. gottabeandrew

    Favorite software in different categories?

    I'd just like to see what programs people prefer. If i've missed on out, please inform me. Word processing: Word '07 Presentation: Powerpoint '07 but i love the design in (i think its that) and is really good (as soon as all bugs are ironed out i'll use...
  3. gottabeandrew

    A video of mine which people like. Enjoy :-)

    Lots of people seem to like and quote the following video so i thought i would show it here in the hope that people might like it. Enjoy. :)
  4. gottabeandrew

    Your favorite Linux software?

    What's your favorite linux software? I used ubuntu a few times before and will install it on this old-ish computer i just got soon. I love Klipper. Basically, whenever you ctrl+c or ctrl+x something, it'll save it in klipper so then if you cut/copy something else and want that old thing back...
  5. gottabeandrew

    Britain's got the pop factor

    Is anybody watching this? It's hilarious so far. Peter Kay is amazing. ;D
  6. gottabeandrew

    Macbook Air advert with iPod Touch

    This is a video i done a while ago when i got my new camera. It's the Macbook Air advert (the one with the manilla envelope) recreated with an iPod Touch.  :)
  7. gottabeandrew

    Suggest a song i'll like?

    My favorite 2 songs are Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and How to save a life. Does anybody know of any similar songs which have the same kind of effect which i should have a listen to?