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    I've not messed with trains too much, but from what I've deduced you need to flood your tracks with Traffic Lights and Relay Signals. Basic rule I've found is use signals before a junction and traffic light before re-joining a track (and every chunk or so). There's a couple YouTube videos...
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    🎮 What Game Do You Play The Most?

    800+ hours and I bet you still miss the ball :-P From a sheer playtime, mine has to be either Battlefield 2 or 2142 (each at over two thousand hours of playtime). I also have a 800+ hour playtime in GTA V. I'm finding myself going back to Factorio recently. I own the GOG edition, so no...
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    What Came First?

    Logically, the egg. Something we wouldn't class as a chicken would have laid it, hatching into a chicken.
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    Favourite Twitch Streamer!

    I don't really watch much Twitch stuff (hell, much "live" stuff). The two I have in the past (and I like their "highlights" on YouTube) are SovietWomble and Teo.
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    Press F to pay respects to Phantom

    This "meme" is so old, even I know of it. Hilariously, Duncan didn't until very recently (it's origin at least). Who's the old man now, Duncan?!
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    Net neutrality ending, do other places need to worry?

    I've followed this thing somewhat closely. While it shouldn't affect me directly anytime soon, our government intends to follow American politics (especially if money can be made from it) so it's only a matter of time before this sort of thing is suggested here. Saying that, it will affect me...
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    💯 Count to a Million Thread - Next Milestone: 2100

    Give me a One. Give me a Six. Give me another Six. Give me.... Ah screw it; 1669
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    What Games Consoles Do You Own?

    What I currently own? GameBoy Colour (sorry, 'Color' as Nintendo can't spell) PlayStation 2 Xbox 360 (which I have all of 7 games for!). What I've actually owned? BBC Micro Amstrad (not sure of the model) GameBoy (old school Yellow brick ones which also came in grey) Sega Master System Sega...
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    "Corrupted" VHD Recovery

    Could be a slightly modified structure usage (as I mentioned in the previous post) or the file itself is corrupt.
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    👴🏻 Round Up The Oldies Thread

    Okay then... This new light bulb I got keeps the room well lit. See?! What you mean "lit" is now slang? Bah!
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    👴🏻 Round Up The Oldies Thread

    Hey! I'm not old. I'm youthful, I swear! Urhhh.... Innit Bruv. See?!
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    🛠️ 6 Ways To Free Up Space on Your SSD Drive

    You can also manipulate the Paging File manually, as well as outright disable Hibernation. This can give you several gigabytes back, especially if you're running 8 GB or more RAM. Realistically, you could set your paging file to use 1024 MB (1 GB) if you have over 8 GB with no real performance...
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    "Corrupted" VHD Recovery

    There's not a fantastic amount of things you can try, at least what I can think of. VHD file types aren't always used equally, so different versions of software may not read them (kind of like how greater compression levels WinZip has for ZIP archives aren't always supported by other tools)...
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    FREE [Free Games] Ubisoft Bundle

    Ubisoft have been giving away a free game every month since Summer. Well, if you missed any of 'em worry not. They've released all these games as a free bundle for you. Games are as follows... Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Splinter Cell Rayman Origins The Crew Beyond Good & Evil Far Cry...