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    Tell A Joke Here

    A dyslexic man walks into a bra.
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    Do you think this guy looks abit like Duncan?

    He looks like him quite a lot. This amused me. :D
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    A video of mine which people like. Enjoy :-)

    But you COULD make a video with really bad lighting.
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    Countdown to Ubuntu Ibex

    Ubuntu ibex is their latest release. They have a new one every 6 months.
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    If you install using wubi you don't need a disk at all. You just need to download wubi from, choose how much space you want it to have (you can download a program on ubuntu later which can make that bigger if you run out) and then click install/ok (whatever it says) then...
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    Countdown to Ubuntu Ibex

    My opinion is that it's nothing to write home about. The only differences i've noticed is: It's removed a load of animations you could have. No apparent reason for that and now i can't have the fire effect when windows close. The close down button has changed to just make a drop down menu...
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    Decent Vista wall papers

    I found this site the other day, looks very good. Has them in all sizes.
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    Countdown to Ubuntu Ibex You can download it now. Mine is upgrading. It's downloaded it and is installing now. Says about 44 minutes remaining. It's good how i can still do everything with this going in the background. ;D EDIT: Wow, look at the ubuntu forums! Currently Active Users: 16706 (1246 members...
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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    Having rocketdock (i assume its that) down the side looks really good Reece. I might do that on my vista. :)
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    Space stage was very irritating and far too difficult for me for the first day or so the first time i played it. After having got past that, it's not happened again when playing space cause i've known what i'm doing. Still something they should fix though cause if you're playing it for the first...
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    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    I just installed ubuntu yesterday on my brothers old computer which is now mine. What do we think?
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    Ugly Betty anyone?

    What did everybody think of the finale of series 2? It did leave us on a cliffhanger. I dunno who i want her to choose to go with. Probably Henry because he's been waiting longer and his is a more permanent solution. I liked the series 1 finale better but to duplicate that with lots of deaths...
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    👋 Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to the forums Justin, i'm new too. Since this would be the place to put a newbie question without making a brand new topic (making me look a fool), do lots of you people from here have eachother on msn?
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    Your favorite Linux software?

    They both have their advantages and disadvantages. I need to use AIM to get alerts when people go live on sticakm though and i need to log onto 2 msn accounts when i'm on it so i use pidgin. I wish pidgin would support more or plugins for it would let you do different things like webcam.
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    On the game. :)