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please help

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hi. I am sarahhei.
I am banned from this server because of "border grief". :huh:
I do not know what border means, and greifing, well, three words:

If i did something wrong then i want to say sorry.
I love this server, its my favorite of every server i have ever knowed.

I am a little bit new in multiplayer mode, so its many things i dont know. :noob:

The stupid thing is that i have no idea what i did wrong.
Because of that, I have some questions:

1. What means "border grief"?
2. What did i do that was wrong?
3. Can i fix it? (PLEASE!!!!) :please:

I hope someone can answer me quikly. :cry:

Thanks for reading,
Posted Mar 4, 13 · OP
sonark Admin
sonark @ DuncsWeb Towns Server
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1. Border griefing is when you grief the border of a town.
2. Broke a rule.
3. Yes, appeal here: http://www.duncsweb.com/forum/m/4011751/viewforum/955097

Posted Mar 4, 13
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Hello Sarahhei

I'll explain a few things for u, if im wrong someone will probably correct me fast enough

1. Border grief means when u grief, or destroy/build very near a town, that is, 16 blocks or closer to a town of some sort. If you did this, its a rulebreak. If you did it in misstake its a common misstake.

2. As explained above, you probably destroyed/builed very close outside a town or similar, and that got you banned.

3. Yes, quite easy, if u are banned, go to the ban appeal section, i can post a link below to it. Make sure to follow the format though :)
Make sure to take a good look-around in the forums apart from this aswell :)

Link to the ban appeal section : http://www.duncsweb.com/forum/m/4011751/viewforum/955097
Posted Mar 4, 13
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thank you so much!
Posted Mar 4, 13 · OP
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